How Do Gum and Teeth Infections Affect My General Health?

When I ask people at The Philadelphia Dentist how I can help them, at least two or three a day tell me, “Doc, my mouth is a mess!”  After I review their current and previous state of health with them,  I ask them if they have heard the news that gum and teeth infections can harm your general health.

The many types of bacteria, viruses and other nasty bugs that cause decayed teeth, gum infections, bad breath and other oral problems are believed by many health scientists to be related to other diseases in the body.  How is this possible?

These germs trigger a process in the human body known as Inflammation.  This involves the release of many body chemicals and cells to fight the germs.  Unfortunately, many of these chemicals and cells can cause or aggravate problems throughout the body.

Diabetes, Heart Problems and even Fatigue have been linked to common chronic oral infections.  While no one is claiming that fixing your dental problems will cure these and other diseases, I will confirm that most of our patients who have completed treatment for tooth, gum or other infections tell me, “Doc, my mouth feels so comfortable now, and you know what?  I feel so much better also!”

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