Will a Smile Makeover Make Me More Popular

Every single week at The Philadelphia Dentist, I meet people whose first statement to me is, “Doc, I hate my smile!”  As we are having a nice conversation and getting to know each other, I will always say something to make them laugh so I can look at their relaxed smile.

Many of these unhappy people will cover their mouths with their hand when they laugh.  Or they may do one of those half smiles with their lips pressed firmly together so as not to show their teeth.  How do you think this behavior affects other peoples’ first impressions of them?

Psychologists studying human interactions have found that all humans look at the mouth or the  eyes when communicating directly with others.  Also, we form our impressions of others’ personalities within the first 60 seconds of meeting them.

While, of course, a Smile Makeover by itself will not make you more popular or successful, the confidence to be able to laugh or give a big relaxed smile often changes others’ impressions of you.  All I can say is that almost every time that we correct a major or even minor problem with one of our patient’s smile, the next time we see them they are grinning from ear to ear.  They always say, “Doc, I can’t stop smiling!”

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